Co- around the World

In each town and city across the UK you will see drab new schemes being thrown up with little though or attention. “Cram them in and sell them off!” – seems to be the instruction of developers to their architects from Leeds to London. The rents are getting higher by the day and the quality of living space on offer, frankly, isn’t keeping pace. 

Having built luxury HMO properties for young professionals, we knew the best functioning houses were those where the group who lived there gelled. Sure, the basics of well-designed spaces and being a good landlord mattered but living with people who became firm friends over time made people stick around. 

To learn more we decided to study the new wave of co-living developments to see what we could copy and also what we could improve upon. This led us to WeLive and Common in the US and The Collective and HiggiHaus in the UK among others.

Our research enabled us to see the best of what co-living has to offer in as many different places as possible. We saw the adoption of cutting-edge interior design, enhanced amenity spaces and cultivated communities. However, we also saw room for improvement and that’s the thing that really excited us. The large-scale model with its attractive amenities and focus on community was interesting but felt too corporate and had the downside of painfully small living spaces. So, our aim became to combine the design and community aspects with liveable studio spaces. We believe we have achieved that in the Coach House. 

Come and have a look. We’re sure you’ll decide to join us on our journey.