There’s a seminal moment in the movie The Social Network about the genesis of Facebook and the power struggles that ensued, when Sean Parker turns to Mark Zuckerberg and says

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars”.

It seems Stockport has taken this to heart. The council, in conjunction with partners, is investing over a billion pounds to reignite the fortunes of this slumbering giant of a neighbourhood to the south of Manchester. Already the skyline has changed with, among others, the new Light cinema, the Redrock centre, new office blocks at Stockport exchange and the new Holiday Inn Express.

Only a ten-minute train ride from the centre of Manchester and intersected by the M60 ring road, Stockport has always been well placed. And with the new additions all trading ahead of expectations, Stockport is knocking the wind out of the last remaining sceptics.

Plans are also being implemented to build new homes at Covent Garden, sort out the traffic congestion, bring new amenity space with a park on top of the main bus station and the development of the Aurora Business Park. In other words, the council are bringing vigour where there used to be stagnation.

The latest phase is focusing on the Market Place and Underbanks area. These characterful streets are already home to an ever-increasing array of funky restaurants and an ‘emporium of niche businesses’. With the council having acquired some key gateway locations for redevelopment, it is only a matter of time before the mix of new housing, new people, new bars and restaurants makes this a destination location for the young and young at heart.

The success of the monthly event, Foodie Friday, shows there is a latent appetite for a ‘foodie’ led regeneration of the area. Restaurateur, Steve Pilling, has taken up the challenge of transforming the Produce Hall into an Altrincham Market style food and drink hall. However, it’s the small local business people, such as Simon from Hillgate Cakes, that are now picking up the mantle and running with it which really reflects the desire to make Stockport boom. The enthusiasm is infectious.

It is this enthusiasm, mixed with a desire to create a community and backed with the investment to make it happen, that has inspired Neighbourhood Co-living to establish our first co-living scheme in the Underbanks. We want to make beautiful housing for community minded people, so Stockport is a no brainer. Why not join us?

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